Worth our Time, Worth our Vote

October 17, 2019

Dear Editor:

I write to express enthusiastic support for Christian Worth to become the next House Delegate to represent Virginia’s 24th District.

Through her thoughtful interactions in every corner of the 24th, Worth has articulated a clear plan for how best to represent us in Richmond.  Her “Rural Blueprint” maps the ways in which we can fully fund our schools, expand healthcare access, develop the workforce, establish reliable broadband, and promote clean energy.  I particularly appreciate Worth’s focus on recruitment and retention of excellent teachers, increases in per-student funding, and improvements of school facilities, especially in the Career and Technical areas.  Worth believes in public education and what it means for our families and futures, and she will make it a priority during her time in Richmond.

As a lawyer, Christian knows how to put policy into practice.  As a community member, Christian cares deeply about her neighbors and the issues that affect us. She has taken the time to get to know the 24th District and is ready to represent us.  Smart, experienced, and generous, Christian Worth has my vote on November 5th.

Ellen Mayock